At Modern Plating we sell Heavy Duty Australian Made Truck Exhaust Stacks for a reasonable price.

Curved Truck Exhausts

We take pride in providing the highest quality truck stacks. Our Curved Chrome Truck Exhaust Stacks are O.E. Quality and Australian Made, so your new stacks will stay looking new for as long as possible.

Made in Australia.
Chromed in Australia.
Exceeding Australian Standards.


CS5605”x 60” (127mm x 1500mm) Curved Stack Plain Ended
CS5485”x 48” (127mm x 1200mm) Curved Stack Plain Ended
CS5365” x 36” (127mm x 900 mm) Curved Stack Plain Ended
CS5245” x 24” (127mm x 600mm) Curved Stack Plain Ended
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Whether you need exhaust stacks for your personal truck or are outfitting a fleet, we can provide you with top quality stacks.

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