Modern Plating have a large scale facility able to fulfil an extensive range of Electroplating and finishing services. The scope of our business operations includes:-


This is a process which uses electrical current and dissovled metal to produce a coating.
With over 20 tanks at 8ft long in operation, Modern Plating has one of the largest plating lines in Victoria.
We electroplate the following metals: Bright, mild, black and stainless steel. Aluminium, brass, cast iron and diecast. (see different type of plating in the finishes section)

Ceramic Coating

Modern Plating has offered a ceramic coating service for nearly 10 years. (see our Heat resistant coating page for more details)

This process is designed to extend the life of engines by reducing heat combustion and provides heat resistance of up to 1000 degrees Celsius.

The most popular Ceramic coating finish colours are :

  • Sterling (chrome like)
  • Matte black
  • Terracotta

Metal Polishing

The polishing process is used to smooth a metal surface in preparation for electroplating.
Types of metal polished: All steel including stainless, aluminium, brass, die-cast and cast iron.
Type of parts polished: Tubes/exhausts, car parts, shop fittings, door handles, plus much more.
Our tube polishing machine is the only one of its kind in Australia with the capability of polishing tube up to 8 inch in diameter.

Metal Welding and Repairs

This is what we call ‘old school’ panel beating.
Predominantly this service is for repairs to car parts including bumpers, stainless mouldings, hub caps etc.
Once the parts are repaired, they are then polished and prepared for chrome plating.

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