Car Restoration

Modern Plating are specialists in Vintage Car & Motorcycle Chrome part restoration. Chrome plating car parts will breathe a new lease of life to old pitted, dull and rusted chrome parts to appear like new. Our work is award winning with chrome restoration work to two Winners at The MotorClassica Car shows.

Bumper Bar Repair

Repair/Re-shape and Re-chrome bumper bars.

Bumper Bar Re-Chrome

Spruce up your old bar to mirror like appearance and excellent hardness characteristics. 

Stainless Repair

Repair and polish stainless mouldings (windscreen surrounds,wheel arch moulds etc)

Aluminium Restoration

Aluminium repairing,polishing,chroming or anodising.


We polish to a mirror finish the right way.

Heat Resistant Coating

We can ceramic coat various engine parts.


Great Service

We offer on the spot valuations,competitive prices and a quick turnaround.

We have a team dedicated specifically to Car Restoration, so no more long wait times.

Get in Touch

Looking to get some parts repaired, chromed and restored for your project, we can help with that.

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