Modern Plating provide a variety of surface finishing techniques. Please consult the information below for details of our various Metal Plating surface finishes. We have provided slideshows which illustrate the finished product.


Bright Chrome:This is the most commonly used coating. It has a silver/blue appearance and mirror like effect. It is a hard wearing finish that provides corrosion and wear resistance. Popular uses truck exhausts,bumper bars and shop fittings.

Brushed Chrome: Commonly used on door hardware,it has a similar look to stainless steel.

Satin Chrome: This is often used on door hardware and has a silver/blue appearance with a pearlized effect


Bright Nickel: This finish has a slightly warmer gold tinge than chrome. It can be used as a decorative finish and it provides corrosion and wear resistance.

Brushed Nickel: This is the same colour as bright nickel only it has a matt brushed effect.

Satin Nickel: This is often used on door hardware and has a golder appearance with a pearlized effect.(see images provided)


Zinc Plated: This processed is used as a coating on all metals for rust prevention. This is not used decoratively but more so for its protection factor. Common uses are internal car parts (bonnet hinges) and bolts,brackets and screws etc. It is available in two colours,yellow and silver. (see images)


Bright Brass: A common usage for brass is door hardware. It is yellow gold like in appearance but not as yellow as gold. All brass will tarnish and will need to be varnished or laquered to keep its condition.

Brushed Brass: This is the same Gold colour as Bright Brass only it has a Matt brushed effect. (see images)

Satin Brass: Often used on door hardware, this has a pearlized effect. (see image)


Copper: Copper provides a smooth finish which is a good base for other coatings. All our car parts are copper plated prior to nickel and chrome. This is also known as triple plate. It is also used as a decorative finish. Copper will also tarnish if left unlaquered.


Antique Brass: This brass is chemically darkened to have an aged/vintage look. Commonly used on door hard ware.

Florentine/Antique Bronze: This is a copper base which is chemically treated in order to look aged/vintage. Most comonly used on door hardware. (see images)


Silver Plated: This is a thin layer of real silver used to coat many household items such as trays,teapots and cutlery. Silver plating is also used to plate the inside of head hight refelctors.

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