Ceramic Coating

Modern Plating provides an excellent heat resistant ceramic coating process. This process is designed to extend the life of engines by reducing heat combustion.

Heat Management

Thermal barrier coatings are highly advanced material systems applied to metallic surfaces operating at elevated temperatures, as a form of Exhaust Heat Management.


These coatings serve to insulate components from large and prolonged heat loads by utilising thermally insulating materials which can sustain an appreciable temperature difference between the load bearing alloys and the coating surface.

Extending Part Life

These coatings can allow for higher operating
temperatures while limiting the thermal exposure of structural components, extending part life by reducing oxidation and thermal fatigue.

Ceramic Coating Applications

Ideal for Automotive Exhaust Systems

Extractors & Manifolds

Ceramic Coating Surface Colours

1000 degrees Celsius heat resistance in two popular colours:

Sterling (chrome-like) and Matte black

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